Residential Water


Residential Water

Households everywhere want safe and clean water for drinking and hygiene. Unfortunately, nearly 2 billion people globally have compromised water sources. In addition to illness from microbial contaminants, other trace contaminants in drinking water can lead to longer-term health effects. Consumers are demanding options to improve water quality for drinking and domestic use and address emerging contaminants like polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

Jacobi offers a wide array of ion exchange resins and activated carbon products for point of entry and point of use water filters for the home. Our products improve the quality of drinking water as well as the operation of appliances and systems that depend on water. Jacobi’s products can also selectively remove contaminants such as boron, nitrate, and heavy metals, which have been linked with serious health effects. Our production facilities for processing and final formulation enable us to comply with rigorous drinking water standards and ensure a high degree of quality control for each batch.


  • High efficient products for PFAS
  • Certified products for drinking water preparation
  • Tailormade products for POU
  • Buffered resins & Sanitized resins made in Germany
  • Economical advantage
Home Water Filter

Point of Entry Home Water Systems

Home systems produce water that tastes and smells better, is free from minerals, silt, and debris, and free from temporary hardness that can impact your water heating systems. These systems address consumer health concerns by removing heavy metals as well as other contaminants such as Boron, Nitrate, and PFAS.

Jacobi’s SAC resins soften water to removing temporary hardness creating scale on heating systems

Jacobi’s full line of resins to remove heavy metals contaminants such as Boron, Nitrate, and PFAS



Many municipalities have hard water with significant levels of calcium and magnesium. Hard water can create limescale inside the dishwasher and reduce its effectiveness.

  • Jacobi SAC products soften water to protect the dishwater and improve its operation
Point Of Use Water Filter

Point of Use Cartridges (Filters for Water Pitchers)

The most common cartridge filters are used in pitchers; however, these filters can also be found in coffee machines and drink dispensers. The ion exchange resins play a critical role in removing impurities, such as hardness and heavy metals. We can provide our WAC resin in a sterilized and/or sodium buffered version to comply to customers specifications. These filters help remove hardness and heavy metals in water, with active carbon to improve taste — transforming it into great-tasting, safe, and clean drinking water.


Arsenic Removal

Heavy metal removal from Drinking water, ground water and Industrial water.

Nitrate Removal

Selective removal of nitrate compounds from drinking water.

Organic Scavenger

Ion exchange resins designed to capture organic compounds.


Removal of alkalinity ions in water solutions (HCO3-, CO3²-and OH-) – Carbonates.

Organic Removal

Removal of organic compounds (like PFAS) from liquids.


Removal of total hardness (calcium and magnesium) from liquids.


Filter devices for several different application in liquids purification.

Brackish Water Softening

Total hardness removal of water with salinity from 5000 to 15000 ppm (eg. well water close to the sea) where usual SAC cannot perform because of to high NaCl concentration, by using a WAC in the Na+ form.


Removal of unwanted colors from food and beverage liquids/solutions.

Cartridges Dealkalisation

Cartridges designed to remove alkalinity ions in water solutions (HCO3-, CO3²-and OH-) – Carbonates.



Strong Acidic Cation

Strong acidic cation resins are bead sized co-polymers (mainly polystyrene-divinylbenzene) with a sulfuric group which attracts cations. Resinex SAC comes in gel or macroporous types and are available in several bead sizes to adapt to different applications.


Strong Based Anion

Strong base anion resins are bead sized co-polymers (mainly polystyrene-divinylbenzene) with a tertiary or quaternary ammonium group which removes anions in various processes. Resinex SBA comes in gel or macroporous type and is available in different bead sizes.



WAC are polyacrylic, gel or macro ion exchange beads. They have the unique carboxylic acid functions.


Weak Based Anion

Weak base anion resins are bead sized co-polymers (mainly polystyrene-divinylbenzene) with tertiary ammonium groups, which are usually macroporous in structure.


AD Resins

Jacobi’s full line of specialty ion exchange resins for water softening, chelation, and heavy metals removal.


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