Mining Industry



The mining industry is balancing growing demand for metals with pressures arising from declining ore grades, increasing costs, and the need to reduce environmental impact. While urbanization drives base metals growth, renewables are accelerating copper demand for wind turbines and lithium demand for batteries. With a large water footprint, the industry is adopting new approaches to minimize water and waste, from recycling fresh water used process ore, to minimizing the negative impact of tailings discharge.

As a leading activated carbon and ion exchange resin supplier to the mining industry, Jacobi helps enable cost-effective, reliable mining operations through its supply of high-quality products and unrivalled technical support. We work directly with our mining customers to optimize their performance, enhance recovery, and minimize waste, through audits, testing, and on-site troubleshooting.


  • Gold recovery
  • Uranium recovery
  • Copper, nickel, and cobalt extraction
  • Molybden & tungsten extraction
  • Wastewater treatment
Base Metal Recovery

Base Metals

The drive to electrification and a lower-carbon future is creating strong demand for copper, cobalt, nickel, and zinc. Jacobi’s Resinex™ line enables mining companies to process their base metals more cost-effectively and environmentally sustainably than solvent extraction.

  • Jacobi’s complete line of ion exchange and metal chelating resins (bis-picolylamine, iminodiacetic acid, etc.) and our technical expertise enable our customers to cost-effectively extract and purify copper, cobalt, nickel, and zinc base metals
Gold Recovery


Jacobi is an industry leader in gold mining, with over 50% of all mines using one of our products. We are the only provider of both activated carbon and ion exchange solutions, thus ensuring the solution is tailored to the unique needs of each customer.

  • Jacobi’s full line of activated carbon and anion exchange resins for gold mining
Uranium Mining


Uranium is extracted using either acidic or alkaline conditions, and the ion exchange column configurations can include fixed bed, fluidized bed, or resin in pulp designs. Uranium processing requires a large particle size, mechanically robust strong base anion product for successful and reliable operation at the mine.

  • Jacobi’s SBA products and technical expertise provide reliable solutions for Uranium mining companies.
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  • Recovery of copper, cobalt, gold, from mine tailings.
  • Treatment of process water to enable recycling to the plant or safe disposal of acid mine drainage.


Precious metals recovery

The recovery of precious metals.

Waste water treatment

Treatment of waste water.

Uranium recovery

The recovery of uranium.

Gold recovery

The recovery of gold.



Strong Based Anion

Strong base anion resins are bead sized co-polymers (mainly polystyrene-divinylbenzene) with a tertiary or quaternary ammonium group which removes anions in various processes. Resinex SBA comes in gel or macroporous type and is available in different bead sizes.


Chelating Resins

Specialist resins for ion exchange processes where there is a high presence of competing ions.


Weak Based Anion

Weak base anion resins are bead sized co-polymers (mainly polystyrene-divinylbenzene) with tertiary ammonium groups, which are usually macroporous in structure.


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