Cabin Air Filtration


Cabin Air Filtration

Air filters remove harmful pollutants, pollen, and dust from the air you breathe in your car. Jacobi is a leading supplier of activated carbons that are highly effective at removing these harmful substances, as well as other unwanted odours. Increasingly, consumers are also looking for protection against acidic and basic gasses, and Jacobi offers ion exchange products to remove these contaminants as well. Typically, activated carbon and ion exchange resins are incorporated into a non-woven substrate in a pleated filter design.

Our products can be used to remove various impurities, from unpleasant smells to gases that can irritate the lungs, and help manufacturers comply with strict cabin air requirements. We have a long history of working with cabin air filter suppliers and our experts can help you design the best air quality solution for your needs.


  • NH3 removal resins
  • Strong base anion resins for anionic gases
  • Dried in Germany at customers specifications
  • Sustainable products
  • Economical advantage

Air Filtration

  • Resinex™ AF Series of SAC, SBA, and WBA for the effective and economic adsorption of base and acid gases to improve cabin air quality


NH4 removal

NH4 capture with dried resin in Cabin air filters.



Strong Based Anion

Strong base anion resins are bead sized co-polymers (mainly polystyrene-divinylbenzene) with a tertiary or quaternary ammonium group which removes anions in various processes. Resinex SBA comes in gel or macroporous type and is available in different bead sizes.


Strong Acidic Cation

Strong acidic cation resins are bead sized co-polymers (mainly polystyrene-divinylbenzene) with a sulfuric group which attracts cations. Resinex SAC comes in gel or macroporous types and are available in several bead sizes to adapt to different applications.


Weak Based Anion

Weak base anion resins are bead sized co-polymers (mainly polystyrene-divinylbenzene) with tertiary ammonium groups, which are usually macroporous in structure.


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